Why I’m afraid to be a fan of Intelligence

intelligenceI know there’s only been 1 episode so far, but I love it. The characters instantly gelled for me. The interaction between Gabriel and Riley is perfect. They play off each other, but there’s not a sense that they’ve been doing it forever. The idea just clicks.

And while some people might be crying foul at a show that has a premise too much like Chuck, I think there is a place for this show right now. Also, Josh Holloway, so you know.

It’s smart, it’s sassy, and because of the set up of the characters, there isn’t that awkward “will they, won’t they” question hanging over the show. They can be partners and friends and get along and argue. It’s nice. And I like that they both are intelligent and talented and aren’t civilians. There’s something refreshing in knowing both Gabriel and Riley have been highly trained for these roles, even if the situation is different than either of them ever thought they would be facing.

But I’m kind of scared to become a fan. I’m scared to get invested in these characters, because when you look at my track record of loving new shows in the last couple of years, it’s kind of terrible.

So here’s a short list of some of my favorite short-lived shows.

  1. 666 Park Avenue – This was one a lot of people seemed to give up on pretty early on in the show. The first couple of episodes offered some red herrings that made it seem obvious how the show would play out, but as it progressed it quickly became obvious that nothing was as it seemed. Not the hotel, not the tenants and certainly not Terry O’Quinn’s enigmatic character. The mystery unspooled quite intriguingly, but incomplete as it wasn’t renewed 😦go on
  2. Go On – I don’t do many sitcoms, but whenever Matthew Perry pops up I have to check it out. I admit I’m still harboring a Chandler Bing crush. But Go On quickly earned a place in my heart and my tv lineup. It had humor, it had heart, and it had the quirkiness that bound the cast of misfit “life change” support group people together and kept me coming back for more.
  3. Terra Nova – Parallel universes, a great cast, an intriguing storyline, and dinosaurs. This show had everything except an actual chance to play out its story. Which left me with one question: How on earth does Spielberg not get renewed? one word: Fox*
  4. Cult – I saved this one for last because it is the one I was probably the most upset about. I openly admit that I started Cultwatching to get more Matt Davis after his time on The Vampire Diaries came to its tragic end. But I was almost immediately sucked into the story. Just the premise of a tv show about a tv show was fascinating to me. Add to that the mystery, the chemistry between Jeff and Skye, the unraveling of the tv show’s storyline on top of the actual show’s story and it was a show that I could have loved for years. Instead the CW changed the air night after a couple of episodes and then cancelled it completely, not even airing the remaining episodes until after the regular tv season was over. Ironically I had written a post about the 10 reasons someone should watch Cult on the very day it was announced that it was cancelled. The show kept getting better and left with a giant cliffhanger that will never be resolved. It still makes me sad.

So do I dare become attached to Gabriel and Riley and their exploits? I’m going to risk it because I’m enjoying it too much not to!

*this may or may not be related to bad feelings still directed at Fox due to the cancelling of a show 10 years ago that I didn’t even watch live at the time, but should have many more than 13 measly episodes. Browncoats forever!




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