R&E Watch Gossip Girl: S1 E6

So E and I decided to watch Gossip Girl together because we’ve both been curious and it just seems like one of those shows you need to watch with someone else. And we fully intended to talk and comment (rather snarkily it must be admitted) while watching. We watched the first five episodes previously and made some rather hilarious sidenotes and snarky commentary, so when we sat down to watch more today I thought it would be fun to keep a record. If you’ve seen the show I’ve tried to include some brief scene descriptions to set the stage for our comments. If you haven’t watched it and want to join us on our ridiculous journey, it’s streaming on Netflix right now.

So here you have it. The first installment of R&E Watch Gossip Girl.

S1 E6: “The Handmaiden’s Tale”

R: I can’t hear Serena’s last name without cracking up. I also love that it’s three words – van der Woodsen

R: Oh my. Nate has Bieber-hair.
E: *laughs hysterically* Now that’s all I can see. He’s totally tossing it back off camera all the time.

-Blair makes Jenny run all the errands and then tells her she can’t go to the masquerade ball.
E: Jenny really is Cinderella.
R: It’s a freaking masquerade ball. No one would even know that she was there.

-Dan tells Vanessa he’s working on a history project instead of admitting he wants to go to the ball with Serena … After already telling Serena that Vanessa was Jenny.
R: What. Why is Dan lying?
E: Let’s just lie to everyone. LIE TO EVERYONE.

-Rufus and Vanessa have a heart to heart about Vanessa running away a year ago and coming back now. All couched in very vague terms like “Things have changed since you left.” Super helpful.
E: Why is Dan’s dad talking to Vanessa about this?
R: Why didn’t he say Dan was seeing someone else? This is so ridiculous.

-Jenny is sad that Blair wouldn’t let her go to the ball and Vanessa is comforting her and convincing her to go anyway.
E: (about Jenny and Blair) Break up with her. BREAK UP WITH HER.
E: Oh no. Vanessa is going to go there and then she’s going to see Dan and it’s going to be a whole thing.

-The masquerade ball starts
R: *laughs hysterically*
R: It’s nice that when you put on a mask no one knows who you are.

-Dan helps the drunk guy on the sidewalk not get run over and then uses his mask and name to sneak into the ball.
R&E: *in unison* NICE

-Chuck goes after Jenny again, but not knowing it’s her.
R&E: *gagging noises*
R: Does she have a plan? I hope she has a Taser in her dress somewhere

-Dan steals Serena on the dance floor.
E: Nice.
R: Smooth.

-Jenny convinces Chuck she’s actually into him.
E: Jenny is setting him up. Oh man. Greatest girl ever.

-Vanessa sees Dan and Serena kiss.
R: Why is Vanessa so mad? She left, hasn’t talked to him for a year, drops back into his life and expects to just pick back up with him again? Come on.

-Jenny locks Chuck on the roof in his underwear.
R: *cackles evilly*
E: Yes. YES.

-Rufus approaches Lily after they kissed
Lily: “It made me…”
Rufus: “Nostalgic?”
Lily: “Nauseous.”

-Jenny runs out of the party after switching masks with Serena (and wearing her jacket too for no real apparent reason except PLOT) so that Nate can think she’s Serena and confess his undying devotion until Jenny runs away and Blair tries to stop her, thinking she’s Serena
E: She has the bracelet. SHE GRABBED THE BRACELET

-Dan and Serena say they like each other.
E: Awww. Good.

-Nate’s dad let him take the fall for the COCAINE that is actually his, but he can’t admit to his wife that it’s actually his so he’ll let her believe Nate is doing drugs instead.
R: Oh. My. Werd. His dad’s going to let Nate take the fall for the drugs. Like seriously.
E. What.

-When Dan returns home from the party and finds Vanessa in his room with apology dumplings and closes the big sliding door to his room.
R: I feel like it’s a problem with closing yourself into your room with Vanessa with the history and stuff?
E: Oh, all right.
R: Maybe? Hmmm

E: Of course, I know, Vanessa’s going to sabotage Dan and Serena somehow.
R: Obviously.