R&E Watch Gossip Girl: S1 E6

So E and I decided to watch Gossip Girl together because we’ve both been curious and it just seems like one of those shows you need to watch with someone else. And we fully intended to talk and comment (rather snarkily it must be admitted) while watching. We watched the first five episodes previously and made some rather hilarious sidenotes and snarky commentary, so when we sat down to watch more today I thought it would be fun to keep a record. If you’ve seen the show I’ve tried to include some brief scene descriptions to set the stage for our comments. If you haven’t watched it and want to join us on our ridiculous journey, it’s streaming on Netflix right now.

So here you have it. The first installment of R&E Watch Gossip Girl.

S1 E6: “The Handmaiden’s Tale”

R: I can’t hear Serena’s last name without cracking up. I also love that it’s three words – van der Woodsen

R: Oh my. Nate has Bieber-hair.
E: *laughs hysterically* Now that’s all I can see. He’s totally tossing it back off camera all the time.

-Blair makes Jenny run all the errands and then tells her she can’t go to the masquerade ball.
E: Jenny really is Cinderella.
R: It’s a freaking masquerade ball. No one would even know that she was there.

-Dan tells Vanessa he’s working on a history project instead of admitting he wants to go to the ball with Serena … After already telling Serena that Vanessa was Jenny.
R: What. Why is Dan lying?
E: Let’s just lie to everyone. LIE TO EVERYONE.

-Rufus and Vanessa have a heart to heart about Vanessa running away a year ago and coming back now. All couched in very vague terms like “Things have changed since you left.” Super helpful.
E: Why is Dan’s dad talking to Vanessa about this?
R: Why didn’t he say Dan was seeing someone else? This is so ridiculous.

-Jenny is sad that Blair wouldn’t let her go to the ball and Vanessa is comforting her and convincing her to go anyway.
E: (about Jenny and Blair) Break up with her. BREAK UP WITH HER.
E: Oh no. Vanessa is going to go there and then she’s going to see Dan and it’s going to be a whole thing.

-The masquerade ball starts
R: *laughs hysterically*
R: It’s nice that when you put on a mask no one knows who you are.

-Dan helps the drunk guy on the sidewalk not get run over and then uses his mask and name to sneak into the ball.
R&E: *in unison* NICE

-Chuck goes after Jenny again, but not knowing it’s her.
R&E: *gagging noises*
R: Does she have a plan? I hope she has a Taser in her dress somewhere

-Dan steals Serena on the dance floor.
E: Nice.
R: Smooth.

-Jenny convinces Chuck she’s actually into him.
E: Jenny is setting him up. Oh man. Greatest girl ever.

-Vanessa sees Dan and Serena kiss.
R: Why is Vanessa so mad? She left, hasn’t talked to him for a year, drops back into his life and expects to just pick back up with him again? Come on.

-Jenny locks Chuck on the roof in his underwear.
R: *cackles evilly*
E: Yes. YES.

-Rufus approaches Lily after they kissed
Lily: “It made me…”
Rufus: “Nostalgic?”
Lily: “Nauseous.”

-Jenny runs out of the party after switching masks with Serena (and wearing her jacket too for no real apparent reason except PLOT) so that Nate can think she’s Serena and confess his undying devotion until Jenny runs away and Blair tries to stop her, thinking she’s Serena
E: She has the bracelet. SHE GRABBED THE BRACELET

-Dan and Serena say they like each other.
E: Awww. Good.

-Nate’s dad let him take the fall for the COCAINE that is actually his, but he can’t admit to his wife that it’s actually his so he’ll let her believe Nate is doing drugs instead.
R: Oh. My. Werd. His dad’s going to let Nate take the fall for the drugs. Like seriously.
E. What.

-When Dan returns home from the party and finds Vanessa in his room with apology dumplings and closes the big sliding door to his room.
R: I feel like it’s a problem with closing yourself into your room with Vanessa with the history and stuff?
E: Oh, all right.
R: Maybe? Hmmm

E: Of course, I know, Vanessa’s going to sabotage Dan and Serena somehow.
R: Obviously.


Why I’m So Annoyed at Walking Dead’s “Thank You”

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Obvious, but I felt it had to be said. Also, some minor spoilers connected to the graphic novel, though nothing specific.

I am okay with main characters dying.

In fact, I kind of like the fact that some tv series are finding ways to move on even without characters that were major characters, if not the main character.

I understand that The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic world where people die. A lot.

And I also understand that in a “real” apocalyptic situation people would die. Randomly.

But this is a television show. It is a construct of fiction.

I am okay with main characters dying if it a) advances the plot or other characters’ development or b) is a fitting end

Because this isn’t real life. We watch these shows, especially violent, suffering filled, death saturated shows to see those who live. To see that one person can make a difference. To see that choosing to do the right thing isn’t always easy, and sometimes it costs a very high price, but that it doesn’t make it any less right. To see that people can survive even in the middle of the worst possible circumstances.

I don’t watch shows like this to be reminded that life is random and people can die in mundane ways. Of course, the truth is, minor characters die randomly and mundanely all the time. And, to be blunt, that’s why they are minor characters. That’s why we meet new groups of people. Because, in this world people die. Randomly. Violently.

But this is the truth about fiction – we craft it. It is written. It is designed. It isn’t real life.

walking-dead-glenn-nicholasWhich is why I am still so angry over Glen’s death.

He isn’t the first main character to die. He isn’t even the first that I’ve been upset over. But his death is the first that made me spitting angry. That made me stalk around my apartment muttering angrily to myself. That made me want to give up on this show (though I won’t – not yet, anyway).

I had a feeling Glen’s death was coming soon. Just a sense that his character’s arc was coming to a close. And having read the graphic novel and seeing the direction the show was going in its echo of the book’s plot arc I just had a feeling. I knew it wouldn’t happen exactly the same as the books, because it was too similar to Hershel’s death in the tv series. But I knew it was coming.

I just thought it would mean something. That it would represent the growth we’ve seen in his character since the beginning of the series. That it would be more than a tragic accident from being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person.

It felt random. Pointless.

And real life can often feel that way. Good people get sick or die for no apparent reason. While evil people survive or even excel.

I see that every day on the news, in my friend’s Facebook feeds, in the posts on Twitter. Real life can really suck sometimes.

I don’t watch tv for real life. I don’t get caught up in a fictional world because I want pointless random happenstances. I watch it because I know that it’s crafted. And I want it to be crafted for a greater reason than, hey let’s kill off a main character because I think it’s about time to kill someone else important off. Which is what this felt like.

I want my illusion back. I want a death to feel like it has a purpose. That it’s part of something greater. I want to believe.

Why CBS rocks

Because they put out this trailer for Intelligence, Person of Interest, and Hawaii 5-0 and referenced Lost. ALL IN ONE VIDEO. Seriously. This is epic.

CBS has consistently offered some of my family’s favorite television. Person of Interest has been a favorite since it began, one of my Dad’s only “can’t miss” shows is NCIS and we all love NCIS: Los Angeles. And of course, Intelligence is one of my new favorites as I posted before. Though other networks have shows I enjoy, CBS just seems to have figured out how to do a good drama. Plus the fact that they are basically posting a “fan” video to advertise their shows? Perfection.

Why Anna and Bates are my OTP

If you haven’t seen S4 E2 then you probably don’t want to read this post. And if you are lucky (or sneaky) enough to have already seen more of S4, then no spoilers please!

After watching the episode, a friend (E) and I were consoling each other about the tragic turn of events. After everything that Anna and John have been through they were finally having a bit of happiness. I knew something bad was coming based on an article in EW that I had read, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad, this soon.

Despite the tragedy, the attack on Anna had E and I discussing the reasons that Bates and Anna are our favorite couple on the show. From the first step into the house and their first slightly fliry exchange, I shipped the two of them more than almost any other TV couple ever (except maybe Castle and Beckett).

  1. anna and bates 1Their utter devotion to each other. Yes, it is sometimes frustrating – like when Bates kept things secret to try to protect Anna. Or now, with Anna trying to hide the truth from Bates. But when Anna glares at Mr. Gillingham and says, “If you must know, yes. He keeps me very happy,” I just wanted to cheer. And Bates was annoyed and seemed harsh during the episode, but he had a reason – he only wanted to protect Anna from anything that felt off to him. He defends her to Lord Grantham in the first episode as well. They love each other and they don’t care who knows.
  2. They aren’t “pretty people.” I tried to figure out how to word this for about five minutes. I’m not trying to say that either of them is unattractive, but it’s so refreshing to see a regular couple who are attracted to each other because of who they are, not what they look like.
  3. They aren’t defined by their relationship. They both have jobs, interests, and friends outside of each other. Anna is probably the most loved character both by staff and the family. Pretty much everyone likes her and trusts her. She is helpful and kind and friendly because that is who she is, not because she is trying to impress Bates (or anyone else for that matter). We haven’t seen much of Bates’ outside interests, but mostly that’s because of all of the problems with, you know, prison and such. However, he too is trusted by both staff and family (well, most staff), and honestly, Barrow is so threatened by him because he knows Bates is trusted and liked.
  4. anna and bates 2They’ve been through so freaking much and they can still joke and laugh and enjoy each other, as we saw in S4 E1. I’m afraid that the attack on Anna will be a gamechanger. Bates isn’t stupid – he knows something has happened. She can barely let him touch her right now. The intensity and intimacy of this attack can’t help but create a barrier between the two of them, especially as Bates will get frustrated, knowing that Anna is keeping something from him, and Anna will be dealing with the emotional backlash alone. My other great fear is that Anna will discover she is pregnant from the attack and will have to decide how to deal with that.

They’re such a great couple and I really am sad for this turn of events, but also curious to see how things will play out over the rest of the season.